Spiritual Counseling  •  Healing Energy Work  •  Readings  •  Couples Therapy  

Shamanic Soul Retrieval  •  Hug Therapy  •  Massage Therapy  •  Sound Healing
​LGBTQ+ Friendly & Sex-Positive

I am committed to supporting each client to his
​or her unique healing journey with competence, integrity, and compassion. 

Michael J. Singer --- Intuitive

5290 Overpass Road, Suite 120  •  Santa Barbara, CA 93111
805.455.2929  •  michael@santabarbarahealer.com

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Are you feeling stuck, depressed, or not motivated? Feeling a little lost or having a hard time? Ready for a change and not sure what is needed? Experiencing physical pain? Are you finding you just can't fix yourself? If someone could guarantee that you will feel better after one session would you take them up on it? 

We all go through hard times, it's part of being human. It does not mean your broken or stupid, you are just ready for a change and as much as we like to do it on our own, it does not work that way. We heal in connection...

I offer a money back guarantee that you will feel better or it's free!​