A healing session lasts for 1.5 to 2 hours. Michael has no set agenda for his healing

or intuitive work. He begins each session by sitting and talking with you so that you

& Michael have time to connect to each other and tune into the problem or issue that

you have wish to deal with. He will connect to his guidance and begin a intuitive reading.

This may contain information on how or why you maybe blocked and how you might

change the way things are.

Every session is as unique as the person he is working with. Michael will be present as

your committed listener, your mirror and partner in the healing process, assisting you

to explore areas that influence your state of well-being. He uses a variety of techniques

to clear, balance and charge and restructure your energy field bringing you into new

awareness into your body on a cellular level during the energy work. He is here as

your committed listener, your mirror, your partner in the process. In the course of your healing process, Michael will assist you to explore areas that influence your state of well-being. Your health history, life stressors, belief systems/attitudes, your family and childhood history, diet, exercise, longings, and how you are in relationships will also be addressed. The energy work is gentle, respectful, and compassionate.

How can this help you?

All the things that have influenced who you are include genetics, life experiences, environment, create a unique energy pattern that is you. Some of these influences result in blocks or distortions of your energy pattern. These blocks cause imbalances which are expressed as “dis”-ease in your life & "dis"-satisfaction, anxiety, illness, recurring injuries, and unhealthy relationships. Micheal's commitment in healing is to help strengthen your understanding of these blocks and distortions through dialoguing and hands-on energy work. When you change unhealthy thought patterns and clear and restructure your energy field, energy begins to flow again and life-changing shifts can occur.

Healing is a co-creative process. You are your own and best healer. Michael will be there to witness and to help facilitate this healing. True healing occurs when you change the way you look at your life. Are you open to exploring yourself more deeply? Michael will work with you to bring your perception and experience of your life into greater balance and wholeness.

What to expect