I had gotten stuck in the sludge of life's river banks and is trying to find a way

back to reconnect with their heart and soul and get back into its flow again! I

had found myself squashed, depressed and stuck in a rut for several years

before eventually, slowly, finding the courage to seek out anyone for help. I

just didn't trust that anyone would be able to help me as I'd lost hope and

faith in just about everything and everyone, including myself. Something

needed to change and so I decided to book in for a session with Michael as

a means to find a possible way forward. I arrived on Michael's doorstep feeling

tired and broken, angry at myself and at life, shaky, vulnerable and full of a pain which I just couldn't understand. Although a woman of 40 years old, I was feeling like a child in terms of my inability to cope with life. Through his innate sensitivity, compassion, understanding and patience, plus his years of training and experience in the field of healing, Michael quickly proved to be t the perfect person to help me - giving me and my soul the safe space, tools and support needed to unleash a load of trapped stagnant energy, old anger and sadness which I didn't even know was stuck there and keeping me frozen! Along the way, during the process, Michael's great sense of humor and encouragement lifted my spirits and made our sessions fun - not always 'easy' mind you, but always 'powerful' and with unexpected and lasting results!

No longer 'stuck' now, my journey continues to evolve and I'm happy to say that energy once more flows through my body - keeping me moving. With sincere thanks to Michael, I feel I'm back on my way, riding the waves of life but with a deeper understanding of myself.

To anyone currently sitting in indecision, I'd say: 'Just go for it! Give it a try! Do something different.' I'm certain that you won't regret meeting Michael Singer and you'll likely be surprised at just how quickly he can help you.

Hi Michael,

I want to Thank you so much for your healing and work you did on me yesterday! I feel great. Totally like a lot of negativity has been removed. I feel like a new baby with no sin! It's really amazing. I hope I can keep myself "clean" and away from any bad stuff/ influences. Thank you so much, I feel like God lead me to you. Thank you for all the work you do. I feel a huge load has been removed from me.  Lynda, Ventura

I came into your office feeling completely emotionally wounded from what I thought was all based on recent hardships. Little did I know there was so much more underneath the surface. Not only did one session bring about clarity, but I actually left your office feeling better, which I thought was totally impossible. Although I have a steep journey ahead of me, I am dedicated to being the woman I was born to be. Thank you for living your truth and for helping others discover their inner light. I am really looking forward to our next session. Many blessings,  Cristina, Santa Barbara

Sometimes in life you meet an individual who is truly extraordinary. Michael Singer is one of those people. I set-up an appointment with Michael to seek clarity about some life and career projects that I am working on. Honestly I did not know what to expect from my first session. Michael spent over two hours working with me. After the session I felt less anxious, cluttered, and weighed down (energy wise) and more focused and confident.Michael is truly a gifted healer. If you are suffering from a major life trauma or just need some clarity I recommend calling Michael first. You will not be disappointed. I am glad that I reached out to him. Thank you Michael.  
Sam, Santa Barbara

Michael, I want to thank you profoundly from the bottom of my heart for your extraordinary support in my healing process. You are a truly gifted human being and have no idea how much I appreciate the work you have been doing with me. Yesterday was REALLY powerful and we did move a huge bolder. I realize there is more underneath but I feel so much lighter today and that is due to your ability to hold me and help me move my stuck and scary stuff up and out. WOW.
When you are having a bad day, please pull this email out and read it. You are an amazingly talented, gifted, and compassionate man which translates into helping people like me live the lives we were meant to live. Someday your gift will come back to you in ways you are not yet aware of. Never stop doing what you do because our world needs many more healers like you, not fewer...and you are amazing! 
Love and Blessings,  Alina Spatariu

I love Michael! I have known him for many years and he is the one healer I fully trust. He is patient, kind, loving, nurturing and grounded. He also tells it like it is, so we can stop the excuses we tell ourselves. I appreciate him beyond words and highly recommend him to anyone looking for an energy healer/ guide/ life coach. Thank you Michael for everything!  Aidan Kelly

This was such an amazing experience.. I completely feel at peace with my soul now and understand what was holding me back for soooooo long .. this man knows what he is doing and his energy is admirable.. thank you so much. U are such a blessing! Fearlessly fearing

This was such an amazing experience.. I completely feel at peace with my soul now and understand what was holding me back for soooooo long .. this man knows what he is doing and his energy is admirable.. thank you so much. U are such a blessing!  Shannon Jayne Miller

Michael Singer has been one of the most influential people in my life. He listens better, has better advice, and is more sympathetic and authentic than any other mental health professional I have ever seen. He helped me take back control of my life and finally become at peace with myself. Whether you are a spiritual person or not, I truly believe that Michael can help you as long as you are willing to try.. Samuel Bernstein

I had been referred to Michael on more than one occasion. I additionally have seen his posts on Facebook which are inlign with what I know to be true. As is too common, I did what most American adults do and put off reaching out until I was in a massive crisis and was emotionally and physically collapsing.
Michael was free of judgement, relaxed yet professional, supportive and most importantly...healing.
For the first time in a long time, I’m able to connect to positive feelings such as true joy and happiness and I feel relaxed. I was so deep in my distress that I was unaware of how impacted by trauma I was. I cannot express how nice it feels to be able to take a deep relaxing breath and feel peace again. Christie Macias

I am grateful I took the leap and reached out to schedule my appointment and go see Michael. I will be recommending him to all of my friends and family. Chris

I feel very lucky to have Micheal in my life, he is a in incredibly spiritual connected human being. He helped me move stuck energy that I never thought was possible. I am a better lighter version of my self for having received his guidance and support. I highly recommend him if you are in need of any kind of healing, physical, mental and spiritual.  Julie Fishman

You won't find a more caring individual than Michael. He is intuitive and thoughtful. He actively listens and gives good advice. Though you are seeing him as a "patient", he responds as though a close friend. Time spent with Michael, is time well spent.
Karena LaViale

Michael has been a Godsend to me and my healing process. He works WITH his clients in such a way that the changes become permanent. My brain has become much more clear, calm and focused since beginning sessions with him. He's flexible enough to know when to move me forward without pushing me. The energy work he does on the table at the end of a session is where the real magic happens. His guides and teachers are present for each and every session. I highly recommend anyone who is stuck, to consider working with Michael. Lucy OBrien

When I first went to see Michael, I was in a lot of physical and emotional pain. He was so kind and welcoming to me and I immediately felt safe with him. I ended up spending the majority of our first session crying my eyes out with my head on his lap. Having someone hold me and comfort me while I cried was exactly what I needed. I have been to countless other therapists where I sit across from them and end up crying alone on the couch while they watch me. Michael has no rules about that and is there to offer hugs and the physical comfort of being held. To me, that made a tremendous difference. Michael has a true healing gift and his office is like a safe haven. Lisa Benjamin

I started seeing Michael during a very pivotal time in my life. Before seeing him I was stuck in a place of self pity and self hatred and this was affecting my relationship with my daughter. He helped me to let go of the past and shift my energy. Going to see Michael definitely changed my life. Over the past three years that I have known him he has always been available during any crisis I was going thru and this very personable and real connection has been very important to helping me change and be a better human being and mother. Thanks Michael!💟 Hannah Hirschberg

I have been seeing Michael for over a year consistently with excellent results. He is deeply intuitive, direct and compassionate. His body work clears tensions immediately and I simply cannot recommend him enough to help with any emotional/ physical issues. All friends I have sent on to Michael have been blown away by their experience. I would not hesitate to recommend him to other people. Skye Boucaut

After a very painful break up, I needed help processing through and letting go of the anger, confusion, and toxic attachments I was holding onto. I went to Michael and after the first session, I felt a release. I am more in acceptance and moving toward healing now. He was respectful of my personal beliefs, and helped to guide me back to a healthy place. I am grateful!! Thank you Michael- Sara Breschini

Michael has supported me through some trying and painful life situations. I always leave feeling lighter and more in control of my energy, understanding my situation with hope. He replies kindly and without judgement, very respectfully he has helped me see my strength and carry on when I felt overwhelmed or lacking the confidence to battle for myself. Lori Givans

Michael has supported me through some trying and painful life situations. I always leave feeling lighter and more in control of my energy, understanding my situation with hope. He replies kindly and without judgement, very respectfully he held my in a safe loving space.  Shannon Kelly

Michael is a very compassionate and effective healer for anyone facing a life transition. I highly recommended him!

I have done many years of therapy after a car accident that took place in 2008. I had one session with him and it actually feels like I went to 10 therapy sessions in one day! He is the go to person and I've lived in NYC, LA, and here during my college years. Michele Morrow

Michael helped me a good deal to move through my process very quickly! Be ready to be told the truth! I had arrived with PTSD from a recent event and left feeling awake and ready to focus. His office is beautiful and just sitting in the healing space. Sara R

Thank you for your love and support, Michael!!! Many Blessings Mike Wadden

Michael Singer is one of the most gifted people I have ever met and worked with. If you need to break through any issues in life or figure out how to transform into the powerful person you were meant to be, make an appointment now. But be prepared for your life to change in positive ways you never imagined : ) Nancy Seagal

Being in the healing arts myself and one who knows, I can honestly say Michael is very gifted healer. I've had several sessions with him and always with very positive results. Highly recommended  Mike