Michael J. Singer --- Intuitive

Spiritual Counseling

What Is Spiritual Counseling?

Spiritual counseling is supportive counseling for the patient's belief and value system; support of the essence of the person and facilitation of spiritual growth. A form of counseling that takes the entire person into account, not just their mental and emotional aspects spiritual counseling also gives us a greater purpose to improving who we are and our outlook on life. This sense of purpose varies from person to person. In essence, it involves our efforts to improve who we are being and to find clarity about what stops from being happy of attracting a partner, or enjoying life. Instead of working on just being happy, we look at all the things that stop you from being happy. Too often counseling gets stuck in emotional issues. While not ignoring this important dimension of healing, Michael expands the concept of therapy to include an openness to the spiritual dimension in life.​