Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Re-integrate lost parts of your soul

What is Soul Retrieval?

Soul retrieval is a type of spiritual healing that has been practiced in shamanic cultures

for over 40,000 years. In a soul retrieval, the shaman journeys into spirit realms with the

support of drumming and ritual, to retrieve lost parts of the client’s soul. Many believe

that “soul loss” is epidemic in today’s society and can result from trauma, personal

tragedy, injury, negative emotions, and even isolation from nature. The result often

manifests as depression, chronic illness, loss of vitality, and disconnection from one’s

purpose and passion. When our fragmented soul parts are returned and honored,

we feel a sense of peace, healing, and connection.

Why does a part of the soul leave?

Soul loss is caused by trauma. Children are the most susceptible to soul loss, as they are more vulnerable than adults and still more connected to the world of spirit. When a child gets abused or suffers great distress or unhappiness a part of their soul leaves to escape the pain. This part of them has chosen to die and return to the spirit world.

Soul loss occurs not only to children but people of all ages. Typical triggers for soul loss, at any age, are: accident, injury, shock, trauma or prolonged unhappiness. All sexual abuse, especially rape, can cause soul loss. Any form of unconsciousness may trigger soul loss, such as: hitting your head, anesthesia, ill health, drug abuse, etc. Part of you is "out" during the unconscious phase , and if you don't return fully a part of you stays out, causing soul loss.

Symptoms of Soul Lost

It is quite easy to find out if you have soul loss. In your mind, go back to the time before any traumatic incident and try to recall how you used to feel before the trauma occurred. Then compare that with your life now. If you feel somewhat diminished you have a soul loss. There is with soul loss always a loss of enthusiasm which is our natural emotion. While you may eventually get over the actual trauma the soul loss persists. After soul loss life is never gets quite as joyful and beautiful as it was before. You may find that your enthusiasm, your trust in life, your enjoyment of life, etc. are greatly diminished. Even when you think you have recovered and are completely over it, if you look deep inside you will see you are no longer the same, no longer as happy and carefree as before.

Dis-spirited and Depressed

Many sufferers of soul loss feel as if a part of them is missing, as if they are no longer whole. They feel incomplete, even amputated. This feeling is in fact very accurate because they have indeed lost a part of themselves and are no longer whole. The sufferers of soul loss may feel as if they are but a pale shadow of their former selves. Great sadness and depression are wants to join the lost soul piece in the Other-World. Depression really is a spiritual disease and is a cry for help from the soul. It shows us that we have lost our way and ourselves and that we need to find ourselves and our predestined path again. The depression of soul loss stems from being dis-spirited, having lost part of your spirit.

I have found in some sessions people have felt a difference right away and sometimes it takes time for it to integrate. When a part of the soul is returned, it holds the same energy conscience as when it left, so it might take a little time to reintegrate.