Are you committed to changing your life to have it work for you? Are you wondering what is holding you back? Are you ready for what is next in your life? Only you can make changes. I will be your committed partner in finding out what is stopping you in empowering you to move forward.

---- Michael

If you are really committed and want to make some life long permanent changes, I recommend signing up and committing to 10 sessions. (They can be with your partner or alone.) 

I offer a 10 session series for the discount price of $2000, saving you $450  

10 Sessions , recommended                                                                                                    $2000

2-hour Session with Reading, Spiritual Counseling and Hands on Healing                               $250
2-hour Couples Session                                                                                                            $250
Massage with Energy Work                                                                                                      $250 

Reading                                                                                                                                    $165
1-day session from (lunch included)                                                                                        $650
1-hour Hugging                                                                                                                         $95
15-minute Intro Reading                                                                                                           Free

Perform Marriages                                                                                                                   $300

If you are really committed to having lifelong changes and are willing to doing some deep work, I offer packages, that are built around having major life changes and no longer having the past run your life. The intention in finding the peace and  joy your heart longs for. 
We look at what stops you physically, emotionally, sexually and spiritually in finding what your heart desires. 
Tired or repeating patterns? 
Tired of feeling the same way day in and out?  

Tired of being in pain and having that pain stop you?
Want to get sober? 
Are you willing to do some life changing work and find love and happiness? 
Then a long term package is perfect to accomplish your goals in life. It will allow up to  2-3 sessions a week  and phone support whenever needed. 

The sessions can be anything from Healing work to couples session, if you have a partner or a child, and Shamanic and bodywork. 
1 year commitment        $11,000
6 month                         $7,000
3 month                         $5,000

Cash or check please. 


You will leave his office feeling better than when you walked in or you don't pay!

  • Michael am open to work on a sliding scale. He has never turned down any person in need for lack of funds.
  • 24-hour notice required to cancel your session or you will be charged