Couples Therapy

Couples therapy with Michael was great. He made my husband and me feel very comfortable; no judgment whatsoever, he was completely honest, not biased, and told it like it was.

Michael also has a sense of humor that makes it even easier to speak freely with him. I have seen him by myself, as well, and I have never been let down. His energy work is amazing, on point, and just so neat to be a part of. I always walked out of his ZEN office feeling a bit lighter and little more grounded. 


Couples Therapy

Couples therapy with Michael does not just mean husband and wife. He works with gay couples, parent and children, business owners and families. With over 20 years of working with couples, you can be comfortable you are in good hands.

He has worked with couples looking to get married and work with their concerns, homes and desires to a happy fulfilling marriage. 

If you have both decided to end a partnership, Michael can also work with you both to have a healthy, loving uncoupling where you can both leave with the love you had when you started the relationship. 

His sessions are 2 hours long so there is never a rush to just get started and have to leave after 50 minutes.

Michael is a gifted intuitive and is able to see where the energy is stuck and not flowing in the relationship and works at getting the communication back on track.